How do I schedule an appointment?

What can I expect in a session?

Initial assessment is 60 minutes in length and includes assessments of symptoms and history.  Diagnostic tools and measures are utilized to gather information.  Most importantly, this is when you get to determine WHY NOW? I periodically will ask you what will make the therapeutic process worth your time, energy and investment. When counseling works, it involves your investment both in the session and outside in your daily life. Your goals for what you want to spend time on are set forth.  We revisit these goals as time goes on to determine whether you feel meaningful gains are being made, whether we are spending time on the right issues and whether you feel you have gained progress and symptom relief with the tools you gain in therapy.  Sessions subsequent to the initial session are 45-50 minutes in length.

Call to inquire about session fees and how I can help you receive reimbursement from your insurance company for investing in your health.

*Sliding scale is offered upon request; please call to inquire.

Payment: I accept cash, check, HSA and all major credit cards.

TELEHEALTH services- attend to your emotional well-being WHEREVER you are!

We are happy to provide telehealth, or videoconferencing services through the HIPAA compliant, WeCounsel platform.  If you are unable to make it into the office for whatever reason, live in another part of the state, do not have transportation, or simply prefer this convenience.  Please call (352) 278-2538 or email to learn more.

What are PERINATAL emotional disorders?

Most of us are familiar with the term “baby blues,” this includes such symptoms as crying, irritability, anger, insomnia, exhaustion, tension, anxiety and restlessness.  Baby blues symptoms usually resolve within the first week or so post delivery and is NOT a perinatal mental health disorder.  Perinatal includes the period surrounding fertility, birth and after delivery.

Postpartum emotional disorders include: postpartum depression, postpartum panic/anxiety, postpartum mania, postpartum PTSD and postpartum OCD.  Postpartum psychosis is the most extreme disorder with any symptoms of the other postpartum emotional disorders PLUS: confusion, hallucinations, delusions (affecting .1-.2% of new Moms, many who have prior history of Bipolar Disorder.)

Women who have a history of depression and anxiety (even if this has not been formerly diagnosed) often experience "relapses" after baby is born.  Combine this with the sudden drops in a woman's hormone levels, lack of sleep, changes in blood volume, blood pressure, immune system and metabolism and other life stressors and you find the significance of adjustment to be very apparent. 

What if I am experiencing some of these symptoms DURING pregnancy?

Perinatal refers to pregnancy and postpartum period.  All of the symptoms mentioned above in "postpartum" emotional disorders- besides postpartum psychosis- are also found in the pregnancy period (prenatal anxiety and depression, prenatal PTSD, prenatal OCD, perinatal bipolar disorder, perinatal panic disorder).  The earlier the symptoms are identified and treated by someone with special training for those needs, along with your existing supports, the shorter and less significant your experience with those symptoms will be.

Do MEN experience any of the same symptoms?

YES, Paternal Postnatal Depression "PPND (Paternal Postnatal Depression) is common condition among men after the birth of a child. Up to 1 in 4 new dads have PPND. Depression, anxiety or other problems with mood can occur anytime during the first year of your child’s life." (source: Postpartum

Does Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling accept insurance?

At this time, we are considered an “out of network provider” and can work with you to find out before services what your insurance company may reimburse to you.  Our goal is to make sure these specialized services are not cost-prohibitive, so we do our best to provide services at an affordable rate.  (*Sliding scale available upon need/request.) Please call to learn more about our fee schedule.

Do I need a referral from my doctor/midwife/psychiatrist?

No, you do not need a formal referral.  Call today to inquire further: 352-278-2538.  If further medical records or collaboration with a treating medical provider are indicated, your consent will always be sought in writing first.