Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling specializes in working with women, men and growing families.

We serve you during the time leading up to pregnancy, struggles with fertility, during the time of pregnancy, postpartum adjustment, and even if you should experience loss.  Whether you are an expectant, new or "experienced" parent; Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling can help you to maintain health and balance at those times when transition and adjustment are often most difficult.

Did you know know you are NOT alone?

It is estimated that at least 1 in 7 women and 1 in 10 men will experience emotional health complications during the journey of reproduction. 

{Because we often remain silent when it comes to emotional and mental health- these numbers are most likely even higher.}

Our practice uses evidence-based treatment models of care, proven to have positive, lasting effects for your wellness.  We work with women, men and children on an individual, couples or family level.  We hope to provide specialized, competent therapy services to you in a way that helps you find value in your investment.

We offer traditional face-to-face office sessions, home visits AND you can now access these specialized therapeutic services from anywhere through telehealth/videoconferencing.  We use a HIPAA (privacy law)-compliant, web-based platform to provide you secure and private therapy online.  If you live a distance away from our office, do not have transportation, OR just prefer the convenience; please call today to inquire

FREE Initial phone consultation: (352) 278-2538 or email at:

Services provided include:

Consultant and training services


Individual and couples counseling services

Group therapy: anxiety and depression during pregnancy; postpartum adjustment; grief and loss group

Some areas of therapeutic focus include:

Adjustment to parenthood

Prenatal preparation & counseling services

Postpartum planning

Grief/loss and bereavement

Infertility counseling services



Couples or marriage counseling



Anxiety and depression

Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling, LLC also has a mission to assist local providers (OB/GYN, Midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, psychiatrists, pediatricians, general practitioners, etc.) with better tools and education on Perinatal Mood and Anxiety disorders.  Please call or email if you would like to learn how we can assist your practice.

Contact us:

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Fax: (888) 974-1422


Our goal and vision is to bring awareness to Alachua and surrounding counties in training professionals and the general community and through offering support, resources and specialized psychotherapeutic services.

Address: 1810 NW 6th Street, Suite E, Gainesville, FL 32609