I've been asked to talk with a group about vulnerability this week.   Sharing my thoughts on this topic is important to me and so, I thought I'd share some of what inspires me on this topic.  One of my favorite presenters or talks on this subject comes from a fellow (and amazing) Social Worker, Brene Brown.  Below I've shared her talk on vulnerability and I encourage you to set aside a few moments to watch the whole thing- it's worth it. 

Here's what I've come to view vulnerability as:

Vulnerability involves the RISK to have COURAGE in our IMPERFECT selves.

On a daily basis, I encounter people from many walks of life and from many stages of life who often share with me the most intimate thoughts and details.  I encourage my clients to understand that they are working on mastering vulnerability and have taken two of the most important steps- risk; the risk of admitting to ones' self (and possibly others) that something just isn't right at this time in their lives AND- courage; the courage to DO something about it.

So, I invite you to learn more about what vulnerability means to you and consider taking a risk towards being the most authentic YOU.

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