Speak up and seek support!

Maternal mental health awareness begins with you.  Yes, YOU!  Speaking up about how you are feeling makes all the difference. 

Take a second to think about this: why is it that when we are sick or physically not feeling well, we will most likely report these symptoms to our doctor or medical practitioner?  BUT, when we are not feeling well emotionally, we sit in silence and keep it to ourselves.

Please SPEAK UP and join us in breaking the silence and stigma around not always feeling "over the moon" about pregnancy or having a new baby; and holding in our emotions when we suffer a loss or suffer the difficulties of trying to conceive. 

Maternal health and the health of your relationships STARTS with maternal mental health. 

Enjoy the video below, then contact Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling and find out how you can learn more:


Lauren DePaolaComment