Adjusting to parenthood with shared experiences

Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling offers a group for Moms to enjoy shared experiences in the adjustment to parenthood.  Mom to Mom: Postpartum Adjustment group offers the following:

  1. A place to meet other Moms adjusting to parenthood (whether your first or fifth child; adoptive families; breastfeeding/bottle feeding, etc.- ALL are welcome).

  2. A place to learn about coping techniques you can use NOW

  3. Education on maternal mental health

  4. Find out what other resources are in the community.

  5. A safe and inviting environment where ALL (and I mean ALL) topics are welcomed to be discussed. 

  6. Discussion of how relationships change after baby and ways to keep them strong.

  7. Connecting through shared experiences creates opportunity to learn, grow and develop friendships and support systems.

Here is what a few Moms are saying about this group:

“It is nice to know that I am not alone.”

“A great job facilitating a supportive and open environment where Moms can talk, listen and leave feeling validated and important.” (S.M.)

“It is great to know Moms can have support in their Motherhood journey.  It helps meeting with other Moms.”

“This group has been a valuable experience, offering a supportive community of mothers at all stages to learn and talk about everything postpartum.”

The next group will begin in mid-July, 2015.  Final details are being ironed-out and will be updated soon. Please consider attending this group and sharing the info with others. 

Call or email with questions:

Phone: 352-278-2538


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