Let's agree to take off the mask

Mental/emotional health (or rather- complications and illness) most often likes to hide behind a mask; one that usually shows you nothing is wrong or amiss.  In particular when we talk about the reproductive years of our lives, when most often we face important questions, insecurities and possibly traumas from our past; we can find ourselves with our "happy" masks securely tied on. 

What if you are not experiencing life, fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum in some beautiful glowing happy place? Do you know where to reach out for help? Are you able to find the words to express how you're feeling? And does it feel SAFE for you to talk about the person, thoughts and emotions behind the mask?

The more we TALK about our emotional well-being in a "mask free" zone, the more likely we are to process through the issues we are trying our best to hide.  The assumption then, is that we know where to find a "mask free" zone.  If you cannot identify a relationship or place where you feel comfortable expressing emotional and psychological discomfort, please reach out to Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling.  Check out our "Resource" page.  The purpose we strive to serve at Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling is to provide you, your spouse/partner, family and group the "mask free" zone in a welcoming and comfortable environment.  One where no topic is too wrong, heavy, weird, ugly, scary, etc., to discuss and find ways to bring you relief.

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Lauren DePaolaComment