Pregnancy and beyond--when life gets REAL!

Come join us for a two-part series THIS Sunday 9/20 and next Sunday, 9/27/15 from 2-4pm to explore the emotional journey of pregnancy, the postpartum period and how to STRENGTHEN the foundation of your relationship. 

The reproductive years of relationships are a time of heightened stress, apprehension, increased responsibilities and just plain DIFFICULT sometimes.  Your relationship is WORTHY of taking the time to prepare for pregnancy and life with baby!

We will discuss some of the following:

-MYTHS surrounding pregnancy, and parenthood that can negatively effect your expectations

-The changes that inevitably take place in your relationship- prepare your FOUNDATION to provide for the future.

-The physiological experience of pregnancy and postpartum- arm yourself with knowledge BEFORE the proverbial poo hits the fan!

-The psychological experience of pregnancy/motherhood/fatherhood- learn about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, what to look for, how to prepare ahead of time to support each other in a healthy way.

-Creating supports for the journey!

LIMITED spots available- call today for cost and other info. (352) 278-2538

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