Wave of Light- Remembering our babies event 10/15/15

October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss month.  October 15th is recognized as the national day of remembrance.  Visit the official page for October 15th HERE

1 in 4 women and families experience a miscarriage.  A babies' death, no matter when or how it occurs, is a profound loss.  This year, Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling, LLC is honored to host a FREE community event at Possum Creek park in Gainesville on 10/15/15 to remember and honor these losses.  Come join us as we begin the event at 6pm with one lap around the 1/3 mile trail of the park, release of butterflies and participate in the "Wave of Light" event being held around the world at 7pm in each time zone on 10/15 in a continuous stream of light.

Lauren DePaolaComment