Loss of life is difficult at any stage. On the whole, we typically don't talk about loss and grief/bereavement until it touches our own life.  And sometimes? We try not to effect others (our own perception) by keeping our experience of loss to ourselves as much as possible.

Pregnancy and infant loss is one of those tragedies you don't typically hear much about. Those attempting fertility and planning for a family sometimes have the idea that loss can occur stored somewhere in the very back of the book of possibilities.  There are not many places, including offices where pregnancy loss is a part of life, where literature and resources for the occurrence of loss are readily available. 

You do not need to keep your experience with loss quiet (unless this is your preference) NOR do you need to walk this journey alone, pretend it never happened, or tell yourself "one day I'll pay some attention to it, but not now."

We want you to know that your loss is seen and significant and matters here at Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling. Just as all the other milestones are celebrated around you; your walk through this process is equally significant. We hope you will reach out for support, referrals to resources and hope.   

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In addition, we wanted to share one such resource today.  A retreat is not an easy option for everyone; however, we wanted to share this example of acknowledgment and hope.   Return to Zero is also a film about the stillborn experience of the creators of this retreat.


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