PREGNANCY and psychotropic medication?

Many questions come up on a weekly basis here at Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling regarding medication use.  Today we would like to share some info on medication use during pregnancy.  Here's what's important to note: we are NOT medication experts or medical doctors.  We strive to serve you in areas we specialize in and to refer you to experts in the areas we do not practice- such as medication.  We DO want you to be armed with evidence-based information to discuss with a psychiatrist, family doctor, OB/GYN, midwife.  Here is some info to consider: has a great fact sheet on Zoloft and pregnancy.  Find it HERE

MotherRisk has some info HERE

MGH Center for Women's Mental Health info HERE

Postpartum Support International and their psychiatric group of doctors compiled some info HERE

Educating yourself with evidence-based information and bringing the information to a discussion with your medical provider can create a conversation where you feel informed about your decision-making process.  We feel strongly about helping you feel you are informed and part of the process.  Call us if you'd like more in-depth information and support (352) 278-2538.

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