NICU care & sibling adjustment


Each year approximately 9% of U.S. babies will have a stay in the NICU. Adjusting to the need for NICU care as an adult brings many challenges, questions and stressors.  This can be especially challenging for siblings as well.   

Older siblings may have many questions and fears surrounding what is happening, what this means to them and what to expect. 

If you've never heard of Hand to Hold, we would suggest visiting their website where you will find a tremendous amount of information useful for parents, healthcare professionals and siblings. 

We are sharing a video today from Hand to Hold guided by Jackson, a NICU graduate.  He takes us on a tour of the NICU; a great teaching video for older siblings. 


If you've experienced life in the NICU as a parent or sibling, what would you say was most helpful or least helpful in your adjustment to the need for NICU care? Feel free to leave us a comment.