Am I a bad Mom?

I don't feel a connection with my baby the way I thought I would or should or someone told me I would.  HELP! 


Do you feel a LACK of connection with your baby?  Are you wondering if this makes you a lousy Mom or desperate to know if this feeling will ever go away? 

We have some good news for you.   

(1) You are not the only Mom feeling this way. 

(2) This feeling does not make you a bad Mom, woman, human being. 

(3) There is REAL help/treatment. 

(4) With the RIGHT help, you will feel better, connected and more confident soon! 

Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling serves people in our community during the reproductive years.  We are here to help you find that connection.  We have many other Moms who have found that connection through our therapeutic services.

Please call us today, we look forward to working with you Mama.   We will help make that first phone call much easier than you think.

(352) 278-2538

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