Hello there "elephant"

Anger & rage intersecting with parenting? 


Parenting: there's no one fool-proofed handbook. Certainly there are guides and ideological values.  What's also true? Each parenting experience looks different; whether your first, fifth, by surrogacy, by adoption, etc.  

We're also not usually provided with information about emotional health considerations as it relates to parenting and the range of possibilities including depression, anxiety, traumatic stress disorder, OCD, Bipolar spectrum and postpartum psychosis.  

Just ONE "elephant in the room" discovery or disclosure includes the possibility that depression as a parent may look like ANGER and RAGE.   

Research reveals- 

"Depressed parents and other caregivers are more likely to behave aggressively towards their children and utilize more disengaged, withdrawn, or intrusive parenting styles."

Behave aggressively? Be withdrawn? Not enjoy EVERY minute of this precious blessing of a being? 

Talk about potential for feelings of shame. What about fear of telling someone you feel this way? 

WE HEAR YOU. And we are HERE for you.  

At Postpartum Wellness & Family Counseling we want you know we are here to walk with you in getting you the support and care to continue being the amazing parent you ARE. Each family we work with so desperately wants to do their best in providing for their children. We are with you to get past these unexpected and often never mentioned obstacles that can arise. 

Perinatal mood complications are very treatable. There is no blame and no shame in speaking up for your needs as a parent when you aren't feeling well. 

We're here when you're ready. 

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