"Can I take this while pregnant or breastfeeding?"

Medications can be confusing during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Learn more...

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Certainly pregnancy and breastfeeding are "protected" times when greater attention to affects need to be considered on growing baby with regards to medications.  This does NOT mean you cannot take any medications.  Today we will talk specifically about psychiatric medications (for depression, anxiety, etc.).  There is an abundance of misinformation given to women all the time about these medications during their pregnancy or during breastfeeding.  We want YOU to feel like you are armed with evidence-based information to have a better discussion with your provider.  Please know that ALL medications come with some risk.  Making the decision that's best for you means weighing all the risks and benefits.

*Note: this information cannot be taken as medical advice.  We intend for this post to help you feel equipped to have a conversation with your medical provider and then make the decision that is best for you.

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