Mind & Baby

You're doing an amazing job preparing to be healthy during this pregnancy and gearing up for labor and birth; feeding and caring for your baby.

But what about your mental health during pregnancy and after? Did you know mental health complications during this time are the #1 health issue?  Greater than gestational diabetes and high blood pressure COMBINED.

Mind & Baby is an ONLINE prenatal course for

  • education on the importance of your mental health during and after pregnancy
  • education on perinatal mental illness spectrum
  • your risk factors
  • the role of sleep (for you, partner and when baby arrives!)
  • myths of pregnancy and motherhood (so much myth-busting to do!)
  • healthy expectations & communication
  • continuing healthy relationships during this time of transition
  • care/treatment for perinatal mental illnesses
  • Bonus: postpartum planning

The good news? With some education and preparation now, whether or not you experience a perinatal mental illness- there is help available and these illnesses are very treatable!

Space is limited to 10 participants per course time frame.  In addition to the convenience of having the materials whenever you need them; we will also come together twice as a group over the internet for further discussion and the importance of finding social support within a network of mothers.

The next course will begin January 8, 2018 and last 4 weeks (course access will end on January 31st) .  The materials will be conveniently available to you in the comfort of your own home.  Once you register, you will receive the online course information and virtual group meeting information.  

Course cost $25.00 per individual participant.

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